Our Services
Leak detection and repair

SoHo Plumbing and Heating is the first fully-automated water leak detection system that integrates micro-chip controlled sensors and an active shut-off valve to provide peace-of-mind and security against water leaks and resulting flood damage in your home or business. Our experts are trained to find and diagnose leaks. Avoid unnecessary damage to your yard or property by doing it yourself.

With our inspection we can inspect, locate exactly what is occurring in your drain, waste, or sewer lines. If we find root intrusion, cracks, or other damage, that is documented as well for additional examination and as a record of the damage. We understand the damage leaks can do. In most cases we can respond to your call immediately. In non-emergency cases, our staff can be at your home or business within 24 hours. SoHo Plumbing and Heating has highly trained experienced technicians who will use the latest equipment available to minimize damage to your property and find the leak.